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Русский Заболевание сердца, Категория:Заболевания сердца, Категория:Кардиология, Стенокардия.

Lazarev S. N., "Diagnostics of karma. Vol. 1. System of the biofield self-regulation", pages 13-14[]

"For several years I was engaged in distance treatment, influencing by the hands. The first time I realized the imperfection of this method, about five years ago. I treated children in one family, and having noticed the poor condition of their grandmother, I offered to help. First, the grandmother refused.

She said that because of the stenocardia, the ambulance visited her five or six times a week, but she resigned herself and doesn't believe that the improvement can come. Looking at her biofield I saw that she had a healthy heart. I led several sessions, and the women's condition became better each time. On the third session I felt the biofield deformation by my hand. There were significant abnormalities in the region of the heart. I passed my hand over it several times - deformations disappeared, and the biofield was equalized. But after a few days the attack was repeated.

Then I suggested that there is a mechanism that is unknown to me takes place here. It was necessary to understand him. Analyzing the state of the patient, I felt that it depends on some event in her life.

"What happened in your life two years ago? - I asked. - My sister died. - What did you feel at the time? "She was such a strong and healthy - and died, whereas I was sick - but live.

I realized that was the cause of the disease: enormous stress that remained in her subconscious, and this stress provoked stenocardia.

In order to take it off, it was necessary to change the mindset of the woman, her attitude towards life and death. I explained to her that death is a transition into another state and we should not apprehend it so tragically. It is very harmful to regret the past, because, regretting the past, subconsciously tries to change it, i.e. to move that cannot be moved. This causes a lot of uncontrolled energy consumption. The leakage of energy can lead to very serious consequences, and trying to stop it, the body blocks this leakage by disease on the physical level. I gave the woman several sessions of autogenic training, and attacks expired".

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